Mattia Maffei is a young businessman, who majored in management and finance and had the brilliant idea to combine jewelry’s and perfume’s worlds. While he was visiting a perfume exposition in Venice, back in 2014, he came up with this idea, after having seen some nineteenth-century accessories. Since that day, he has registered several patents from which Mattia Maffei collections are born.


Mattia Maffei brand encompasses the strong desire of bringing freshness and innovation into this exclusive industry. The idea of revisiting traditional products into a contemporary 21st century esthetic and of arousing the senses of the person wearing them aims to pursue this goal. Functionality, design and wonderful detailing blend to create one of a kind products. In a world ruled by big brands and exorbitant prices, our mission is to realize refined products with the highest production standards within everybody’s means. This challenging purpose is achievable by choosing not to turn to intermediaries for the selling of our products, bringing them instead from our artisanal workshops directly in your hands.


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